Jody Danner Walker

“I see myself as a thoughtful, playful artist who loves to capture both people doing ordinary tasks and the colors, shapes and textures of nature.”

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Who am I as an artist? My art reflects my personality on a basic level. I definitely have two sides to my personality. I am shy, quiet and reflective, which translates into my white pieces. But, inversely, I can get really excited, passionate and playful about a subject which inspires my vibrant artwork. I am an oil, acrylic, and pastel artist. But most of the time, I lend my voice to the exciting, challenging medium of fused glass.

What inspires you?

"Through the Woods"
"Florence Farmhouse"

All the colors of the Earth

I am moved simply by the way light changes the expected colors of trees, water, landscape to the unexpected. To be able to further push the natural colors with oftentimes unnatural, unrealistic color, liken to the Fauvists, into a multi-layered fused glass painting, is so much fun!

“Painting, Sculpting, Carving... oh, so many possibilities for play”

Pushing Boundaries

I love pushing boundaries, creating a new voice for my art. I have developed a new technique in fused glass. It is rooted in the traditional pate de verre, but with a contemporary twist. I call it Pate de Verre Sucré. This translates to sugary paste of glass. I place each glass crystal exactly where I want it. I fire it in a kiln. If successful, each piece looks like a million diamonds. “First Spring” is a piece which is inspired by fresh beginnings, symbolized by nature’s cherry blossoms.
"A Still Life"

The Planet

And further, I’m very concerned about the planet. One of my responses is seen here. I’ve taken a concept like not leaving a carbon footprint on the Earth and respond, instead, with “Leave a Footprint.” It’s supposed to remind us to think about what we want to leave behind as our legacy. In both this piece and “A Still Life,” I carve these concepts into layered fused glass using a kiln and a glass lathe.

"First Spring"

People Doing Ordinary Tasks

My Memory Pieces come from past events that have touched my heart. I am moved by people doing ordinary, everyday tasks. My desire is to capture and portray them in the act and tell their story.

"Leave a Footprint"

“I try to capture the spirit of the world, freeze that moment in time, and tell that story in my art. Fusing glass allows me a large vocabulary of possible ways to express myself.”

want to see more

I have known Jody for many years.  Seeing the beauty of her work was one of my main inspriations for creating a website that marries home decor and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of work.   Any of her pieces be a stunning focal point for a room – you can share with admirers a little bit about Jody’s process and inspriation.  

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