Finding your personal style

A journey in self-expression.

JJ Dirienzo

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Personal style is, in its most basic form, self-expression. But while expressing yourself verbally may come easy to you, finding your ‘style voice’ can be much more challenging. There are basic design principles that need to be applied to pull together a look whether it be an outfit or a living room.

What are the design principles that come in to play here? Well the journey of style self discovery has a number of steps to take (or questions to ask yourself I should say), before you can arrive at your final destination of a complete look:

Understand what appeals to you.

What items draw you in to purchase? What are the similarities between items in your home? Is it certain finishes? Decades? Maybe you notice you’re drawn to a specific genre for certain pieces such as abstract art or rustic furniture? Understanding your design ‘likes’ will better help you understand what to use when applying your ‘personal style’ to something in the future.

Narrow & refine your focus.
Once you’ve understood what design characteristics specifically appeal to YOU, narrow them down to 2-3 general design elements. Do you love vintage 1960’s prints & patterns but are also drawn to clean, modern, white furniture designs? That would place your design appeal towards mid-century modern. If you narrow the number or design genres to 2-3, you are better able to explore your specific likes and still ensure that your room or ensemble stays pulled together and avoids feeling ‘over-designed’ or busy.
The key is cohesion between elements.
It’s the commonalities between ALL elements in a design that truly allows you the freedom to step outside of what’s expected and into a discovery journey of your personal style. Once you have something to tie all elements together, then you don’t have to worry about contrast, only compliment.

JJ Dirienzo has worked in the design and styling industry for over 10 years. Born in Ohio, she grew up all over the world, bringing back inspirations from her travels that are now evident through her designs. She graduated with a bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Merchandising and has since worked in a number of industries from filmwork to interior design, applying her vision to her clients’ needs.

Currently living in Nashville, JJ works as a business manager, stylist, and interior designer. To contact for inquiries, email: