Go bold with retro wallpaper

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Earlier this year I remodeled my kitchen.  With an open floorplan this space is very visible and would set the tone for the entire downstairs area.   I knew that colors that I chose were critical.  

I fell in love with cle tile  – with all of it’s color variations and beautiful imperfections.  As my friend Jody and I would say… these tiles are “yummy”. 

With tiles up I then moved on to look for accent wallpaper.  It had to compliment all of the shades of teal but also have enough visual weight to not get lost in the background.

I found this chartreuse vintage paper from a shop called Retro Walls on Etsy.  They have so many styles – from vibrant stripes to pastel florals.  I knew immediately this was the one!

and ps.. If I had a lot of red in my home I would snag the paper in the center image in a second.  I may just do that anyway…

Be sure to share your before and after pics on our discussion forum.

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Do you have a favorite shop, seller or artist you would like others to discover?  Email me at emily@beyondthebeige.com